Member Spotlights

Name (pronouns): she/her

Department/Division: School of Medicine Technology Services

Role in technology: User Experience and Visual Communicator

Name (pronouns): Lisa Leiva (she/her)

Department/Division: Library, Instructional Design

Role in technology: Head of Instructional Design, Library

Name (pronouns): Cristal Yee (she/her)

Department/Division: Orthopaedic Surgery

Role in technology: Academic Administrator & Associate Specialist (research)

Apple picking

Name (pronouns): Andrea Dowling (She/Her)

Department/Division: UCSF IT Portfolio Management

Role in technology: I support our IT teams with portfolio management tools and information

Name (pronouns): Mary Beth Saddoris (She, her, hers)

Department/Division: Office of the CIO, UCSF IT Communications

Role in technology: I lead our IT Communications team for the Office of the CIO.

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Name (pronouns): Jamie Lam (she/her)

Department/Division: School of Medicine Dean's Office/SOMTech

Role in technology: Deputy Director, Security & Compliance, aka security compliance red tape navigator

Naryman Mustafa

Name (pronouns): Naryman (Nary) Mustafa (She, Her, hers)

Department/Division: UCSF Library, Learning Technologies Group (LTG)

Role in technology: As an Instructional Designer, I specialize in providing consultations to faculty members to enhance their teaching and learning experiences across various settings, including face-to-face, hybrid, and online environments.

Name (pronouns): Cindy Cheng (she/her)

Department/Division: Radiology and Biomedical Imaging/Events

Role in technology: Technology in my role is designing newsletters/flyers, managing Zoom, basic AV, utilizing various software applications & platforms, maintaining webpages, and hosting in-person events with some AV technical support.

Name (pronouns): Lisa Rolfsness (she/her)

Department/Division: Business Intelligence, Real Estate

Role in technology: Space Data Analyst

Name (pronouns): Emy Lopez Phillips (she/her)

Department/Division: Office of Health Career Pathways and UCSF Fresno Medical Library, UCSF Fresno Regional Campus

Role in technology: Technology is so ubiquitous, I feel like it plays a role in everything I do!

Name (pronouns): Amy Kalea Kuwata (she/her)

Department/Division: Nursing Informatics, UCSF Health

Role in technology: Clinical Nurse Informaticist

Name (pronouns): Catalina Macdonald (they/them)

Department/Division: OBGYN/Bixby Center

Role in technology: Education Technology Manager at California Prevention Training Center

Name (pronouns): Jennifer Leos (She/Her)

Department/Division: Clinical Systems/Health Informatics

Role in technology: Clinical Nurse Informaticist

Name (pronouns): Millie Tovar (She/Her)

Department/Division: Marketing - Digital Marketing

Role in technology: Digital Design Lead

Name (pronouns): Alexis Papesh (she/they)

Department/Division: SOM Dean's Office

Role in technology: SOM Data Security Compliance Program Manager

Name (pronouns): Durga Pisharam (she, her, hers)

Department/Division: Office of Continuing Medical Education (OCME) in School of Medicine (SOM)

Role in technology: User of multiple software systems in OCME