Our members rock! We come from all corners of UCSF and perform a wide variety of roles. Use the list on this page to find other members who might be able to help, like advise you on a topic or provide mentorship.

If you wish to not have your name appear on this list, please email [email protected]u.

Last Name First Name E-mail Address
Gesmundo Allison [email protected]
Tucker Alma [email protected]
Tecklenburg Alyssa [email protected]
Day Amy [email protected]
Buenaventura Ana [email protected]
Bybee Angela [email protected]
Kimura Angela [email protected]
Nguyen Anh [email protected]
Prackatzsch Astrid [email protected]
Luong Carol [email protected]
Sou Caroline [email protected]
Tuft Carolyn [email protected]
Chen-Louie Christina [email protected]
Yoxsimer Cindy [email protected]
Markiet Claire [email protected]
Bedolla Claudia [email protected]
D'Aura Connie [email protected]
Zarate Cynthia [email protected]
Smith Danielle [email protected]
Woo Deanna [email protected]
Collins Deborah [email protected]
Gipson Deborah [email protected]
Mohler Dulce [email protected]
Seremet-Muftic Emina [email protected]
Harrison Erin [email protected]
Vu Giang [email protected]
Augerlavoie Brittney [email protected]
Nichols Beck Heather [email protected]
Collins Heidi [email protected]
Safdar Hira [email protected]
Wong Jane [email protected]
Dodd Jennifer [email protected]
Lee Jennifer [email protected]
Mannix Jennifer [email protected]
Cozen-Harel Jill [email protected]
Wallace Julia [email protected]
Clancey Kaitlin [email protected]
Jung Katherine [email protected]
Li Katherine [email protected]
Kiser Kelly [email protected]
Jalilova Komila [email protected]
Chu Kristin [email protected]
Ball Kylie [email protected]
Skurko Laurel [email protected]
Banie Lia [email protected]
Leiva Lisa [email protected]
Ha Lynn [email protected]
Gardiner Marcia [email protected]
Salome Mary [email protected]
Rilla Megan [email protected]
King Michelle [email protected]
Lee Minerva [email protected]
Daniallinia Nancy [email protected]
Chu Pamela [email protected]
Peters Paula [email protected]
Law Pui Yee [email protected]
Ruivivar Rachelle [email protected]
Brindley Rebecca [email protected]
Yau Rosemary [email protected]
Qureshi Saiqa Anne [email protected]
Khan Samia [email protected]
Hoover Sara [email protected]
Tao Sara [email protected]
Corr Sarah [email protected]
Garrigues Sarah [email protected]
Mays Sarah [email protected]
Freeman Sharon [email protected]
Quimpo Sheila [email protected]
Wong Shelley [email protected]
Sadat Suria [email protected]
Kirrane Suzanne [email protected]
Nguyen Thuy Loan [email protected]
Nguyen Tiffany [email protected]
Lara Yen [email protected]
Sharma Aarti [email protected]
Schrock Abigail [email protected]
Tan Alexa [email protected]
Papesh Alexis [email protected]
Pullen Angela [email protected]
Rizk-Jackson Angela [email protected]
Deardorff Ariel [email protected]
Leinbach Ashley [email protected]
Berrean Beth [email protected]
Nguyen Cali [email protected]
Coleman C [email protected]
Apollon Chantilly [email protected]
Julian Charina [email protected]
Burke Christian [email protected]
Mantel Christina [email protected]
Arguello Claudette [email protected]
Thao Crissy [email protected]
Chor Cynthia [email protected]
Milionis Cynthia [email protected]
Smith Darlene [email protected]
Summers Debra [email protected]
Yarger Debra [email protected]
Elgarico Denise [email protected]
Gilbert Paige [email protected]
Ozer Elizabeth [email protected]
Ko Emily [email protected]
Bahroos Emma [email protected]
Rianda Erica [email protected]
Damian Fe [email protected]
Persilly Gail [email protected]
Gaiser Gina [email protected]
Troup Grace [email protected]
Ryan Hanh [email protected]
Crawford Imani [email protected]
Hwang Jane [email protected]
Louie Jeannie [email protected]
Jennifer Thi [email protected]
Vogt Jennifer [email protected]
Bond Jill [email protected]
Chang Jiyoo [email protected]
Yim Joanne [email protected]
Carpio Jocelyn [email protected]
Prugh Jonathan [email protected]
Faison Juanella [email protected]
Robbins Karmann [email protected]
Grusenski Kathleen [email protected]
Garcia Keila [email protected]
Lobo Kelina [email protected]
Souza Kevin [email protected]
Kristine Rosales [email protected]
Smith Kathleen [email protected]
Leung Kylie [email protected]
King Lacretia [email protected]
Kaplan Lauren [email protected]
Kleinberg Leslie [email protected]
Yuan Leslie [email protected]
Branagan Linda [email protected]
Tran Lisa [email protected]
Bartlett Maggie [email protected]
Naveed Mahim [email protected]
Panahiazar Maryam [email protected]
Gonzales Michelle [email protected]
Teng Michelle [email protected]
Leung Miriam [email protected]
Nyachoto Mufaro [email protected]
Tsado Nadia [email protected]
Cai Nancy [email protected]
Rios Nancy nancy.r[email protected]
Loaiza Natalia [email protected]
Gabancho Nicola [email protected]
Latour Nooshin [email protected]
Gologorskaya Oksana [email protected]
Sorensen Page [email protected]
Smith Pilar [email protected]
Kantosky Rachel [email protected]
Tibrewala Radhika [email protected]
Miller Rebecca [email protected]
Croci Rhiannon [email protected]
Snyman Rhona [email protected]
Santiago Samantha [email protected]
Murray Sara [email protected]
Fan Sarah [email protected]
Lisker Sarah [email protected]
Ngo Sarah [email protected]
Paris Sarah [email protected]
Mofidi Shahed [email protected]
Nazari Shanitte [email protected]
Weber Shannon [email protected]
Hohl Susan [email protected]
Xu Shuwen [email protected]
Oberoi Snehlata [email protected]
Renly Sondra [email protected]
Wiggins Sophia [email protected]
Souza Kevin [email protected]
Forstat Susan [email protected]
Asati Surabhi [email protected]
Chim Susan [email protected]
Milter Svetlana [email protected]
Walker Tania [email protected]
Daniels Thea [email protected]
Farrell Traci [email protected]
Bridgewater Tracy [email protected]
Eze Ugomma [email protected]
Tortorelli Verndean [email protected]
Zhao Wendi [email protected]
Huang Xinxin [email protected]
Abe-Jones Yumiko [email protected]
Noor Zeanid [email protected]