Member Spotlights

Jennifer Dodd Camacho

Name (pronouns): Jennifer Dodd Camacho (she/her/hers)

Department/Division: UCSF Fresno, Information Technology Services

Role in technology: Information Technology Director

Michelle Teng

Name (pronouns): Michelle Teng (she/her/hers)

Department/Division: School of Medicine, Dean’s Office

Role in technology: Research Program Manager

Ariel Deardorff

Name (pronouns): Ariel Deardorff (she/her/hers)

Department/Division: UCSF Library Data Science Initiative

Role in technology: Data Services Librarian

Sarah Ngo

Name (pronouns): Sarah Ngo (she/her/hers)

Department/Division: Geriatrics

Role in technology: Support Division of Geriatrics Research and Community Programs through creating workflow automations and implementing data solutions using free web based applications

Chantilly Apollon

Name (pronouns): Chantilly Apollon (she/her/hers)

Department/Division: Technology Enhanced Education (Office of Medical Education)

Role in technology: Support and consult on the technology utilized in the medical school curriculum

Michelle Cai

Name (pronouns): Michelle Cai

Department/Division: Department of Medicine, UCSF Health Hospital Medicine

Role in technology: QI Specialist

Kemi Amin

Name (pronouns): Kemi Amin (she/her/hers)

Department/Division: I have been with the Library for the last 4.8 years and starting September 3, I will be transitioning to the Institute for Global Health Sciences and the Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics.

Role in technology: Using technology (email marketing, web, social media, and digital signage) to communicate Library services, resources, and values to the UCSF community and beyond.

Name (pronouns): Lisa Tran (she,her,hers)

Department/Division: Medicine, Chair’s Office

Role in technology: Digital Communications; webmaster to 60+ UCSF websites

Carol Luong

Name (pronouns): Carol Luong (She, Her, Hers)

Department/Division: Budget and Resource Management

Role in technology: UPlan (Oracle Hyperion), Drupal, Tableau

Profile image of Brittney Augerlavoie

Name (pronouns): Brittney Augerlavoie (She, her, hers)

Department/Division: Graduate Medical Education

Role in technology: Drupal 8 and Qualtrics

Name (pronouns): Darlene Smith (She, Her, Hers)

Department/Division: APeX Training

Role in technology: Principal APeX Trainer

Connie D' Aura

Name (pronouns): Connie D’Aura (She,her,hers)

Department/Division: Continuous Improvement

Role in technology: Drupal, Qualtrics, MyExpense, MyReports