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Tech Tips
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zoom timer

Zoom Timer

Have you ever been in a Zoom meeting that has gone overtime? Wish you had a sleek timer to keep on track during a presentation? How about incorporating timed breaks into your workday or while you are teaching in the virtual classroom?

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September, 2022



Looking to make your next virtual meeting, training, or event more fun and interactive with a quiz-based game? Want to learn how to boost engagement by gamifying any topic for your next presentation or classroom activity?

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October, 2022



Trying to schedule a meeting without having to look through multiple calendars for all your attendees? Want to learn more about a quick and easy way to poll your attendees and minimize the back-and-forth emails when scheduling?

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November, 2022

photo editing

Canva Photo Editor

On the search for a free, easy, and online photo editing tool? Try the Canva photo editor.

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January, 2023

DAVINCI resolve

DaVinci Resolve Video Editor

Looking for a free, user-friendly, and high quality video editing tool in a quick turnaround time? No trial, no watermarks, and great for beginners? Try DaVinci Resolve.

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February, 2023






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