Welcome to WIT@UCSF
WIT@UCSF is a member-led group for staff, faculty, trainees, and learners in various departments and positions who identify as having a role in Technology.


We envision an organization in which women technologists can achieve their personal career goals and not be hindered by biases or restrictions placed on them because of their gender.


WIT@UCSF aims to promote a community for women technologists that will foster support and collaboration, increase retention and advancement, enhance innovation, and improve performance and quality of decisions in service to the University. WIT@UCSF is open to people of all genders.

Our goals are to engage and strengthen relationships with institutional leaders and colleagues within and outside UCSF to expand opportunities and eliminate barriers for underrepresented technologists. We intend to develop a central hub for WIT-related resources to create awareness and transparency. This also allows us to establish a peer-to-peer network, mentorship, career pipeline and opportunities. We look forward to being an advocate for continued professional development.

WIT@UCSF aims to align with the University’s diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives including:

  1. Build a broadly diverse community
  2. Nurture a culture that is welcoming and supportive
  3. Engage diverse ideas for the provision of culturally competent education, discovery, and patient care

Power On!