Revolutionize Education with! From classrooms to virtual learning,'s cutting-edge transcription technology takes learning to new heights. Embrace real-time note-taking, accessibility for all students, and effortless content organization. Collaborate, study, and excel together with ease.

otter ai uses advanced machine learning algorithms to recognize speech patterns and deliver real-time, interactive, and searchable transcripts. This transcription tool can offer several benefits to education, enhancing the learning experience for students, administrators, and educators alike with useful features such as:

  • Real-time transcription
  • Automated transcription from audio/video files
  • Searchable transcripts with time-stamped annotations
  • Collaboration for team productivity
  • Accessibility for hearing-impaired students
  • Highlighting and summarization tools
  • Integration with productivity tools like Zoom
  • Speaker identification for context
  • Language learning support
  • Security and privacy measures


More information about Otter is available in the following help articles from the UCSF Library.

Contact your UCSF program’s Otter License Manager to request an account.

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August, 2023