Tamara Brown

Name (pronouns): 
Tamara Brown (she/her/la)
UDAR - Digital Communications
Years at UCSF: 
Role in technology: 
Front-end web developer and Email communications specialist
Tamara Brown
What technology project(s) have you worked on that you are most proud of?: 

When COVID forced the cancellation of in-person events, our Special Events team had to quickly pivot to virtual events. We launched a website that houses RSVPs, videos, live digital conferences, private special events, and more. It was a great solution to a dire need, and because of the quick work, our events remain well attended.

How has technology helped you achieve a goal within your role or department?: 

Learning, knowing, and teaching technologies to my colleagues is at the root of my function. We use Salesforce's databases and tools to create email and marketing campaigns that speak to donors, so I spend a lot of time in Salesforce's tutorial tracks mastering new software features to keep my teammates up to date. I'm currently working towards a Marketing Cloud and Salesforce data specialist certification by using their training tracks and tutorials - without these, I would be searching for free tutorials on YouTube!

What’s your favorite aspect of your role at UCSF and why?: 

My favorite aspect is helping colleagues create engaging and successful campaigns that fund research for illnesses and patients who need care. I recently received a follow-up from a colleague who said our campaign had surpassed our $1M fundraising goal, and I couldn’t stop smiling for weeks!

What’s one ‘fun fact’ about you that not many people know?: 

I was born in Jamaica and came to the States when I was very young. Because of this, I’ve experienced the best of both countries.

What do you like to do when you’re not at work?: 

When not making things at work, I like making things at home. I do a lot of arts and crafts projects (i.e., sewing, making jewelry, handmade greeting cards, embroidery, painting, etc.), but right now, I’m focused on learning how to watercolor (thanks to the many, many YouTube tutorials).

If you could learn anything, what would that be?: 

I’m working on learning Spanish so I can get to know my neighbors.